Water conservation within your home is not only important for saving you money, but it’s required, to some degree, by water-efficiency standards. These standards impose a cap on the amount of water that can be used each flush or by the minute for faucets and showers. Drought conditions are also not uncommon across the U.S. which will further limit the amount of water you should be using. If you’d like to improve the water conservation and water efficiency in your home, contact an expert plumber at High Tech Plumbing today. It’s our highest priority to ensure that your fixtures are running at their best and that there are no leaks or damage that could be causing you to lose water or emit too much out of your fixtures.

Water Efficiency

Water efficiency simply means using water in a responsible way that eliminates wastefulness. However, often times, the greatest difficulty when it comes to water efficiency is actually convincing people that it’s important. Below are some of the many benefits of maintaining great water efficiency within your home:

Reduced energy usage

A lot of energy and resources are put into treating and transporting water. By using less, you’re also sustaining everything that was used to get that water to you.

It’s a limited resource

Although around 70% of the planet is covered in water, only a very small percentage of that is fresh water, and a small percentage of that is usable or readily available to us. What this means is that we have to be extra careful how to use water. Water can certainly be reused, but treating it and getting it back to people who need it takes resources. If we’re using too much water, especially in drought conditions, we may not have the means to get everyone the water they need.

Personal financing

Aside from the effects on our community and environment, using less water is simply more economical for you and your family. When you use less water, you get charged less from the water company. It’s that simple!

What you can do

Ultimately, water efficiency and water conservation come down to people being more conscious about their water usage. But that doesn’t just mean spending less time in the shower or not leaving the faucet on. Another important thing you should do is call a plumber that can help you save water. High Tech Plumbing specializes installing and repairing water lines so that they’re as efficient as possible so that you know you’re saving as much money as possible on your water bill and doing your part for conserving water. Below are a few of the many ways our plumbers will help you:

  • Inspect pipes for leaks or damage. Corrosion can lead to a burst pipe that could result in hundreds of gallons of wasted water.
  • Educate you on ways to save water in your home
  • Installing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures
  • Locating any threats to your plumbing system such as tree roots, soil, or temperature conditions.

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